Frog Fruit, Turkey Tangle - Lippia nodiflora - Native Butterfly Host Plant

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

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Frogfruit or Turkey Tangle

Lippia nodiflora and Phyla nodiflora 

Zones: 6-10

Height: 4-8 inches

Plant Spacing: 6-12 inches, will fill in quickly

Light Requirements: Partial shade to full sun

Water Requirements: Can grow in very wet soil, will grow more sparsely in dry soil

Propagation: By cuttings, runners, seeds, and root ball dividing


Frog Fruit (Lippia nodiflora) is a native butterfly host plant in the Verbena family. It is an evergreen groundcover native to the southeastern United States (see distribution map on left). A perennial in cool climates and an evergreen in warmer climates, it spreads horizontally by runners that will root into the soil where they lay on the ground. Frog fruit can be used as a groundcover, although it may be considered a weed when found growing in lawns. The flowers are a mixture of purple, pink and white, and make a great nectar source for low-flying butterflies, bees, and other insects. 


Frogfruit is a host plant for the Phaon Crescent, White Peacock, and Common Buckeye butterflies.


A few of the butterflies and moths we raise at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm