Chris Earley's "Caterpillars: Find - Identify - Raise Your Own" Book

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm


An illustrated guide to holding, caring for and identifying caterpillars.

Specs: full-color photographs, identification section, further reading list, index
Pages: 32
Trim Size: 8" X 8" X 1/8"

Creatures that can turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly or a moth fascinate everyone. But there are many other interesting things to observe in the world of the caterpillar before metamorphosis. As you watch, you'll see leaves disappear into their nearly invisible mouths. Notice the smooth motion of sets of prolegs that are one of the unique characteristics of caterpillars. With the help of this guide and its close-up photographs, readers will learn about the body parts of a caterpillar, their life cycles and how to help them by planting certain types of flowers that will attract the insects.

With helpful tips and tricks, this guide instructs the caterpillar hunter on how to find, identify, feed and care for these amazing insects. Ground rules for raising caterpillars are provided, as well as information about removing them from conservation areas. Identification information and photographs thoroughly describe the different kinds of caterpillars and warn the reader about the few dangerous caterpillars that should not be handled.

Chris G. Earley is the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph's Arboretum and author of Hawks and OwlsSparrows and Finches and Warblers, all specific to the Great Lakes and Eastern North America regions.

A few of the butterflies and moths we raise at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm