Double Hollyhock - Alcea rosea 'Double' - Butterfly Host Plant

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Alcea rosea

Also Known As: Althaea rosea

Zones: 3-8

Plant Type: Biennial/Perennial

Height: 5-7 ft.

Plant Spacing: 18-24 in.

Light Requirements: Full sun

Water Requirements: Medium

Soil Requirements: Well-drained soil, requires regular watering

Host Plant For: Painted Lady and Tropical Checkered-Skipper Butterfly

Starter Plants are not large enough to feed larvae.

One 4" potted plant will feed 2-3 larvae.

Hollyhock is a cultivated plant originally from Asia. Quickly spreading by self-seeding, it has become naturalized in most of the United States and Eastern Canada. Many colors are available, including yellow, red, pink, purple or white. The long flower stalks often require staking to stay upright. Painted Lady and Tropical Checkered-Skipper butterflies will lay light green eggs on leaves, and if you look carefully you can often find black or green larvae on leaves. Add Hollyhock to your garden to attract butterflies and enjoy the bright blooms this year!

Butterflies that use Hollyhock as a larval host plant:


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