Moth Metamorphosis Kit - 4 Luna Moths

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm


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Luna Moth Actias luna

Kit Contains:

Four Luna Moth Caterpillars or Two Luna Moth Caterpillars and Two Luna Moth Cocoons (depending on availability)

Potted Host Plant(s)

13*13*24 Butterfly Habitat

Cocoon Misting Bottle

Watch the moth larva eat, form a cocoon, and emerge as an adult moth! Replant the potted host plant in your garden to attract wild moths.

Luna Moths are only permitted for outdoor release within Florida. In all other states, the moths must stay in the habitat for their entire life cycle.

Adult Luna Moth Wing Span: 2 15/16 - 4 1/8 inches

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A few of the butterflies and moths we raise at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm