Maypop Passionvine - Passiflora incarnata - Native Butterfly Host Plant

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Maypop Passionvine

Passiflora incarnata

Plant Type: Perennial vine

Zones: 7-11

Plant Spacing: 24-36 inches

Light Requirements: Shade to full sun

Water/Soil Requirements: Grows well in moist, well-drained soil

Propagation: By cuttings and seeds

Host Plant: Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Longwing, Julia, and Variegated Fritillary

Plant Maypop Passionvine in your yard to attract butterflies and enjoy watching the butterfly life cycle!

Starter Plants are not large enough to feed larvae.
One 4" potted plant will feed 1-2 larvae.

Maypop Passionvine (Passiflora incarnata) is a native host plant for several butterfly species. It can be found in woodlands, ditches, and fields throughout the Southeastern and Central United States. If protected from a freeze, it will grow as an evergreen plant.

The beautiful white/lavender blooms of the Maypop Passionvine attract butterflies to nectar and lay eggs. After blooming in the spring and summer, green, fleshy fruit will be found on the vines. The 2-3 inch round fruits of the Maypop Passionvine are edible.


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