Flutterbox Kit and Subscription Options - Florida Butterflies - Available for shipment to Florida addresses only.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm


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Can’t get enough our our winged friends? Looking for a unique gift? Wanting to raise a larger variety of native butterfly species? Try our subscription Flutterbox!

Flutterbox includes an initial Setup Kit followed by the Monthly Live Flutterbox for 8 additional months (March - October). You can cancel the Monthly Live Butterflies at any time or extend it for a longer period if desired. The Setup Kit makes a perfect gift for butterfly enthusiasts!

You can choose a Standard or Deluxe Subscription. We will ship the first Live Flutterbox shipment of caterpillars, chrysalises, and host plants at the appropriate spring date for your zone (March for most locations in Florida). Each Live Flutterbox shipment will have a minimum of two butterfly species (Standard) or four butterfly species (Deluxe) represented. This kit will provide access to species that we don't sell on our website and that are only permitted for shipment within the state of Florida.

Initial shipment includes the Setup Kit only. We will contact you after the order is placed to schedule your monthly shipments on dates that are convenient for you, record any special requests and go over customization options. No additional shipping costs are required for monthly box.

Initial Setup Kit - Standard

  • Medium Mesh Habitat
  • Small Mesh Habitat
  • Butterfly Chrysalis Care Kit
  • Florida Butterflies Field Guide

Initial Setup Kit - Deluxe ($123.00 value for $98!)

  • Large Mesh Habitat
  • Medium Mesh Habitat
  • Small Mesh Habitat
  • Mini Mesh Habitat
  • Butterfly Chrysalis Care Kit
  • Book: Butterflies in the Garden
  • Florida Butterflies Field Guide

Standard Subscription ($68.00/shipment after initial Setup Kit)

  • Setup Kit in initial shipment
  • Subsequent shipments include: Set of 4 caterpillars with host plants, 4 chrysalises, Nectar Kit
  • minimum  of 2 species represented monthly

Deluxe Subscription ($98.00/shipment after initial Setup Kit)

  • Setup Kit in initial shipment
  • Subsequent shipments include: Set of 6 caterpillars with host plants, 10 chrysalises, Nectar Kit
  • minimum of 4 species represented monthly

Additional Options Available

  • Add native moth species to your variety
  • Add a set of butterfly eggs / host plants to monthly shipment
  • Add a new butterfly education book each month chosen by Edith Smith 
  • Add a butterfly net, mini microscope, or other items to your kit

A few of the butterflies and moths we raise at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm