Mixed Species Release Butterflies - Set of 12

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

SKU: MS-A-12

Butterflies are a mix of species permitted by the USDA to be shipped to your state for release. The species are based on what is available at the time of packaging. 

Butterflies are shipped overnight to arrive one day prior to release event. Due to shipping dates, we are unable to fill requests for releases on Mondays or Tuesdays (we are unable to ship butterflies overnight to arrive on Sunday or Monday, one day before the release event).

Choose your butterfly release packaging:

Individual Glassine Envelopes: Butterflies are packaged individually for multiple persons to participate in release.

Doubled in Glassine Envelopes: Butterflies are packaged 2 per envelope for easy transfer to custom release container.

Mass Release Box: Butterflies are packaged together in one container for one person to release.

Release butterflies at weddings, memorials, birthdays, and other special events!

Releasing butterflies is a beautiful way to celebrate special occasions and milestones in life. Shady Oak Butterfly Farm's butterflies are all native species that will flourish in the wild and boost local butterfly populations.

Butterflies we raise at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm